Taking a look at our mental wellbeing on International Women’s Day

As we mark this year’s International Women's Day – a particularly significant date in the calendar for us as an all-female team – we're taking the time to reflect on an important topic: mental wellbeing, work-life balance and the art of self-care.

As we are lucky enough to work amongst Scotland’s booming culture and events sector, our days can often be whirlwinds of drafting, deadlines and ever-growing to-do lists.

But amidst the wonderful chaos that is the world of communications, we’ve found it is crucial to carve out moments of peace and self-reflection.

Energy and mindset

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women's achievements, but what goes on behind the scenes to help us ensure we have the energy and mindset to accomplish everything we want to? We thought we would take this opportunity to share our own stories!

You won’t find any unattainable examples of perfection or unrealistic practices here, just our individual approaches to wellbeing at work, and beyond.

From balancing career ambitions with personal passions to navigating the ups and downs of everyday life, we've learned a thing or two about finding harmony, avoiding burn out and enjoying every day.

Whether it's sweating it out in the gym, escaping with a good book or simply getting outside for some fresh air, here’s what works for us women...


Spending quality time in the outdoors is key for me when it comes to keeping a healthy mind. We’re absolutely spoiled in Scotland with our incredible landscape and the huge (free!) playground it provides, so carving out some all-important time to head up a hill or get out on the water on my paddleboard, is a no brainer.

I find hiking and paddling provide a space for active meditation where I can be really present in my environment – the brain chatter instantly dissipates! 

I am also a big believer in ‘talking it out’, so whether that’s chewing Hannah’s ear off or getting a good blether with a close friend, that interaction with the people who know me best is always an instant mood lifter.

In recent months I have found Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to be invaluable to my mental wellbeing. It’s allowed me to spot different thought patterns and be actively conscious of my feelings, ensuring I show myself the same compassion I give to others and be the very best version of me. I genuinely could not recommend it enough!


Finding equilibrium amidst the chaos of life is a pursuit I'm intimately familiar with as a working mother of two little girls and a husband who is a dedicated workaholic (sorry Gary, but it’s true).

Balancing the demands of being the director of a business, alongside family commitments has meant that my personal wellbeing is an ongoing struggle, one where I often find myself teetering on the edge and have historically given very little priority to. 

In amongst the hustle and bustle, I've unearthed a few sanity-saving secrets over the last year or so. One of which is time with family and friends.

These connections serve as lifelines, grounding me in a whirlwind world, reminding me that amidst the chaos, unconditional love and support offer respite and renewal.

Conversations with Corrie and our lovely team are also very good for the soul and for helping to recognise we’re all in it together. 

Consulting with a nutritional therapist has been transformative, revitalising my energy levels and enhancing my mental capacity. 

Running has also become very important to me, even if it's just for a quick 15 minutes. Exercise serves as my sanctuary, but admittedly, carving out time for it remains a challenge in my daily schedule. I’ve learned to try to integrate it into my routine, recognising its profound impact on my mental health.

For me, breaking the stigma around mental wellbeing is crucial. I feel openly discussing the importance of good mental health helps to foster understanding and support, empowering others to seek the help they need without fear or shame. It’s increasingly becoming one of my favourite topics of conversation! 

I would very much say I am a work in progress and my journey towards mental wellbeing and work-life balance is ongoing, but to be a role model to our two little girls who are embarking on this very challenging world, mental wellbeing is something that I feel I need to continue to recognise, embrace and prioritise.


When it comes to maintaining my mental wellbeing, I've found that staying active is key for me. Whether it's an hour in the gym in the morning or a jog along the Clyde in the evening, exercise always helps me clear my mind and manage my anxiety.

Some days it’s easier to find motivation than others but, whenever I do make the effort, I always feel the benefit. 

I also find keeping my surroundings neat and tidy significantly increases my mood; a clean and clutter-free space helps to make me feel calm.

This definitely helps with my productivity too; if I have an organised desk, I feel more focused and grounded while I’m working, especially during busy times.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I’m an overthinker. While it's a trait I've had since forever, I've learned to take things in my stride more as I've gotten older.

Trying not to worry too much about what others think has been a journey for me — one I'm still navigating — but I do believe it's been beneficial. Life's too short to dwell on every little thing!


I find it really helpful to have a routine where possible to ensure I’m making time for things that make me feel good, even when I’m busy.

Listening to music or podcasts helps me focus while working, and things like getting outside during my lunch break or after work now the evenings are getting lighter, taking the time to make a good dinner or bake something fun, and reading to wind down before bed are all helpful.

Spending quality time with friends and family is invaluable to my mental health, and opening up about how I’m feeling is so beneficial - sometimes just saying things out loud helps more than I ever thought it could, and to see that other people feel the same way and that we can all help each other when there’s an open conversation about mental wellbeing.

I’ve also been trying to stay off my phone more in the evenings and avoid doom scrolling and it actually does help (who knew!). And never underestimate the power of the little treat!

How are you celebrating International Women's Day? Let us know over on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, we would love to hear from you! 

Job opening! Senior Communications Executive

We've got an opening in our small but mighty team for a Senior Communications Executive!

We want to hear from personable and tenacious PR and communications professionals who are keen to join a passionate, friendly and hard-working team.

You’ll get to work on a range of exciting projects across the events, music, arts, culture, lifestyle and sport sectors.

Innes and Campbell Communications are skilled at building engaging narratives that make audiences sit up and take note, whether it's for festival launches, award ceremonies, album announcements or new cultural initiatives.

If you're a skilled multitasker with a passion for Scottish culture, you could be just who we're looking for.

Responsibilities include delivering communications campaigns across a range of platforms and drafting a variety of copy including press releases and social media content. You'll be expected to come up with creative PR pitches and liaise closely with our valued clients.

For all the details about the role and how to apply download the Senior Communications Executive job description.

Applications close 5pm on Friday, 22 March.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Top tips: How to promote yourself and your music as an independent artist

Scotland’s music industry is eclectic and inspiring, where diverse genres and styles not only coexist, but flourish. From indie-rock to folk, pop to hip-hop, Scottish musicians are always pushing the boundaries of creativity and skill.

It’s a fantastic place to build a musical career, but its vastness and diversity can often leave emerging, independent artists begging the question: ‘Where do I start?’

Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey, or already have some experience in Scotland’s music industry, it can be hard to know where to begin when building a musical career and getting your name out there.

Visibility is everything. Here are our top tips for promoting yourself and your music as an independent artist in Scotland.

Establish a strong social media presence and brand identity

Having a strong social media presence and distinctive brand identity can help you establish trust with fans and industry professionals. Spending time on building up a social media following shows that you take your music seriously and are committed to your craft. 

Harnessing trends on social media, in particular TikTok, is also a great way of engaging with a wider audience. As a platform, TikTok holds immense potential for independent artists to infuse their own music into viral trends and gain not just visibility but positive, active engagement. 

Pink and orange megaphone on purple background in social media post. Strong social media presence is important for independent artists.

A strong brand identity will give you credibility and is a real no-brainer when it comes to increasing exposure. Simple things like keeping a cohesive colour palette, style and tone of voice across your platforms is really important, and having a uniform profile picture and handle that easily identifies you will create a consistent experience for fans and help them build a connection to you and your music.

Gather as much content as you can when writing and recording your music

Recording behind the scenes footage when writing and recording songs is a good idea for several reasons. It allows you to create engaging content for your social media platforms which can be drip fed out when you are ready to talk about your single, EP or album release. This adds an element of anticipation, and viewers love to see creations grow from start to finish, so showcasing the songwriting process is a great way to build interest around your music as an independent artist. 

You can easily share your expertise, passion, and personality through behind the scenes videos or photos. It’s an effective way of sharing the authentic, human side to your art. You can also showcase any collaborators you work with, as well as the producers and engineers who help to create your sound.

Invest in quality photography 

In the competitive music industry, strong visuals can make a significant difference to how you and your music are perceived by the public. High-quality promotional photography and headshots will instantly enhance your professional image as an independent artist and allow you to present yourself in the best possible light.

Purple camera with orange background.

High-quality photos can be used across various platforms and materials, including social media, website banners, album covers, posters, merchandise and press releases. This consistency will help build a cohesive and professional image.

​​In addition, media outlets often require high-resolution images for features, interviews, and reviews. Having quality imagery readily available can dramatically improve your chances of gaining coverage.

Create a professional and informative website

In today’s ever-evolving digital world, it is essential for emerging musicians to have a strong, effective online presence. A website acts as a hub where fans, industry professionals and media can easily find all relevant information about you and your music in one place. This eliminates the need to search across various sites and social media platforms, making it convenient for anyone interested in your work.

Along with social media, a website gives you the opportunity to establish a strong brand identity. You can shape the narrative around your music, your story and your values, and have full creative control over its aesthetic. Website analytics can also provide valuable insights into the demographics of your fanbase. This data can guide future decision-making processes and help you understand your audience better.

From your website, you can also give readers the option to sign up to weekly or monthly newsletters. Email newsletters are a powerful way to communicate with existing and potential listeners. They are a great way to increase fan loyalty, as you can share important updates on new releases, tour dates, merch and any other news. Newsletters can also be used to offer exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes stories, personal insights, early-bird tickets, or free downloads. 

Secure quality media coverage

Gaining media coverage is extremely important when it comes to reaching new audiences and building notoriety and credibility as an independent artist. In Scotland’s music industry, there’s a wide range of fantastic music blogs, local radio stations, national radio programmes, publications and review sites that cover emerging artists and new music releases across a range of genres.

Pink radio with purple background. Radio airplay is important for independent artists.

Landing features and airplay on these esteemed platforms can catapult your visibility to new heights and draw in fresh audiences. Furthermore, it can lead to new connections with industry insiders, which can open doors to valuable collaborations and experiences.

While navigating the complex world of media outreach may seem daunting, enlisting expert assistance can significantly increase your chances of gaining coverage. At Innes and Campbell Communications, we provide a tailored approach to ensure your story and music are authentically presented in the way that works for both the artist, and the media.

By partnering with us, you can tap into a trusted network of media contacts and utilise our extensive experience in creating effective promotional strategies to increase awareness of both established and emerging artists.

We have had the privilege of working with a wide range of musicians from the Scottish music scene and beyond, taking on a variety of campaigns including album PR, EP PR, single PR, tour PR campaigns as well as a range of social media strategies.

Get in touch to find out how we can help share your story – we would love to hear from you! 

Email us at hello@innesandcampbell.co.uk 

5 step survival guide to working Scotland’s summer festivals

Festival season is fast approaching and with it, the tents, tunes and organised chaos are calling.

As we prepare for the busy summer months and the many Scottish festivals we have the pleasure of working on, we’re dusting off our wellies, bum bags and ‘positive mental attitudes’ as we look forward to our most successful season yet.

Here’s our 5 step guide for those working Scotland’s summer festivals…

1. Arrive early

Being a keen bean and arriving on site as early as possible will give you a chance to get to know your co-workers, event organisers and festival volunteers before things kick off. 

As well as being fun, fast-paced and full of craic, a Scottish music festival is a great networking opportunity.

You are sure to work alongside and interact with talented, like-minded people in the industry, so get there sharp and make the most of it!

By arriving before the masses, you’ll also have the chance to watch as the site fills and excitement rises amongst ticket holders.

The atmosphere is second to none and it’s a great content-capturing opportunity.

2. Plan ahead, but expect the unexpected

Festivals are among the most vibrant, exciting and lively events on the Scottish summer calendar. For those working at them, however, they can also keep you on your toes and test your problem-solving abilities.

It’s important to remain one step ahead whenever possible. Forward planning will reduce stress on the ground, and allow you to cover the event as effectively, and smoothly, as possible. 

Briefing photographers, videographers and interviewees in advance, pulling together a schedule of must-cover content, having reactive lines and template media releases in place before you arrive on site, and having a secure outline for how media accreditation will run, will all save precious time and mean you come away with everything you need.

Do remember, however, that it is impossible to predict the future when it comes to events and best laid plans can go awry due to a whole host of unexpected challenges – from unpredictable weather and disrupted travel plans to programme changes and venue or site logistics. It’s all par for the course but clear, open and timely communication and creativity comes into its own in these situations.

3. Pack for every season

Scotland is an epicentre of world-class music, rich in culture, and well-known for its welcoming hospitality. Pair all of that with its glorious scenery, and you’ve got the ideal setting for a summer festival.

As it is Scotland, however, where the weather is known to change upwards of five times a day, packing for every season is paramount.

We’re always sure to chuck a pair of wellies or comfy shoes, jumpers, layerable tees and plenty of spare socks in with us, as well as a hat, sunnies, waterproof jacket and the all-important bum bag!

4. Try to be in the present moment

While planning ahead is crucial when it comes to working a festival, it’s also important to be in the present moment whenever possible.

Make the most of your time on the ground by keeping an eye out for engaging social media content, interesting interview opportunities, and soak up the incredible atmosphere as much as you can.

There will always be something new to take in and wee nuggets of content which perfectly sum up the personality of that event.

The closer you are to the goings on of any festival, in our experience, the better job you can do shouting about it.

5. Have fun!

Late nights, aching legs, sore feet, bags under your eyes… anyone who works in events will recognise these event-time working symptoms! But the privilege of working with some of the best musical talent in Scotland and beyond, in fantastic locations and venues, with talented professionals around you, far outweighs any of that. 

Not everyone gets to catch their favourite band live from side of stage or share the stories of the brilliant people that make an event happen.

When you look back at your overall experience, it’s unlikely you’ll remember how long it was you went without a seat, or the amount of sleep you managed to cram into your busy schedule.  

It’s the people you meet, the craic, the scenery, the atmosphere and, of course, the music, that makes working a Scottish festival so magically memorable. Communicate with your co-workers, get stuck in, and embrace every second of it!

Join the team! Permanent Communications Executive

We're looking for someone to join our team on a permanent basis!

We want to hear from tenacious, savvy and creative individuals with a meticulous attention to detail who are keen to work with a vibrant, up and coming communications company.

You’ll get to work with our friendly and professional team on a range of exciting projects across the events, arts, culture, lifestyle and sport sectors.

Responsibilities range from writing a variety of copy including press releases to coming up with ideas for engaging social media content, preparing client reports and sending out press packs.

For all the details about the role and how to apply download the Communications Executive job description.

Applications close 5pm on Friday, 20 May.

We look forward to hearing from you!

We're hiring! Freelance Communications Executive

We're on the lookout for a communications executive to work with us on a part-time freelance basis.

If you're tenacious, personable, creative and eager to learn, you might be just who we're looking for. You will be keen to develop your career working with a vibrant, up and coming communications company.

You’ll get to work with our friendly and professional team on a range of exciting projects - from music festivals to album launches and restaurant openings.

Responsibilities range from writing a variety of copy including press releases and blogs to coming up with ideas for engaging social media content, preparing client reports and sending out press packs.

For all the details about the role and how to apply download the Freelance Communications Executive job description.

Applications close 5pm on Monday 26 April 2021. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kicking off 2021 with a sense of hope

It’s been a really exciting start to the year for Innes and Campbell Communications and this flurry of activity has given us pause for thought and cautious optimism as we move forward towards a post-pandemic world.

The last 11 months have been tough for so many industries we work with, but we have taken heart seeing the vital role strategic communications, PR and digital marketing plays in organisations and individuals successfully building and protecting their relationships with audiences.

Our role as storytellers and engagers seems more important than ever and we feel revitalised to make sure our clients’ voices are heard amongst the noise as we slowly come out of many months of uncertainty.

We’ve worked hard to ensure we are equipped, relevant and ready for the challenges and opportunities our forever-changed landscape now offers, blending media relations with copywriting, stakeholder engagement and a heightened focus on digital marketing in order to succeed.

As we take a quick breath, we wanted to share some highlights from January 2021, alongside what else we’re looking forward to working on in the coming months.

Celtic Connections goes digital

This year saw Celtic Connections take a digital-first approach and we were honoured to play our part, managing the festival’s PR campaign.

The festival has been a great success, with an abundance of international viewers and unprecedented number of tickets sold.

We saw audiences from over 60 countries tune in and over 27,000 tickets and passes sold. No less than 10.5 million minutes of musical entertainment was enjoyed by viewers over 19 days, bringing some much-needed light to our the darkest of Januarys.

Photo credit: Gaelle Beri for Celtic Connections

Over 100 musicians took part in Celtic Connections 2021, showcasing their art to the world. It felt like there has never been a more important time to give artists a platform to share their talent with the world – and that’s just what they did.

The festival created a safe space for musicians to come together to play and make music, for technical and filming crews to apply their talents and for venues to open, and it was a privilege to be a part of that team.

Working alongside The Corner Shop PR, we have so far generated more than 1,600 pieces of coverage for Celtic Connections 2021, helping the event reach a truly global audience.

A milestone event for all involved.

COP26 volunteering programme launches

This year, the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP26 – will be proudly hosted in Glasgow. To support the staging of COP26, Glasgow City Council is looking for a team of around 1,000 volunteers.

Having worked on many events over the years, both big and small, we are so proud to have launched the volunteering programme for this global summit.

These vital climate talks are expected to bring together the largest gathering of heads of state ever hosted in the UK, alongside climate experts and campaigners, to agree coordinated action to tackle the climate emergency.

It was such a joy to work with a team of volunteer ambassadors from across the city who agreed to be the face of the campaign and encourage others to get involved. They allowed us to bring the story of volunteering and its many benefits to life, sharing their experiences for others to take inspiration from.

With national and regional coverage across TV, radio, print and online media and hundreds of shares of the digital launch from stakeholders across the UK, it’s been fantastic to see the campaign come to life.

Skerryvore make Radio 2 playlist

Another unforgettable moment in January 2021 was getting the call from BBC Radio 2 to tell us Skerryvore’s new single ‘You & I’, that we’d been working with them to promote, was being added to the playlist. Just a few weeks later, the multi-award-winning band is now top of class and up on the A-list!

The high energy track showcases Skerryvore’s signature dynamic brand of contemporary Scottish music at its best and has received praise from listeners and presenters alike, with Jeremy Vine telling listeners it’s “just such a fresh, real, new sound... I love it.”

It makes our day to have our clients’ music reach new audiences like this and we are so grateful to the Radio 2 team for getting behind the single - to see a non-mainstream Scottish track playlisted was a special moment and we’re absolutely chuffed for the band.

Brilliant new music

We’re working on a host of new album and single releases at the moment and it’s been great to see the music receive worthy airplay, coverage and reviews.

Among them is the thought-provoking, straight-talking new album from Scottish hip hop artist and producer Steg G. Live Today is an exploration of masculinity rooted in the streets of Govan from the winner of the 2019 Scottish Alternative Music Award for Best Hip Hop. The album was commissioned by Glasgow regeneration orchestra, The Glasgow Barons and is out later this month.

We’re also got the brilliant contemporary Edinburgh folk duo Dowally whose exciting eclectic new album early bird // night owl is also out this month. Dan Abrahams and Rachel Walker have set about creating original folk music which draws on world music influences, jazz harmony and Balkan rhythms. The result is an interesting, progressive folk record made with heart and soul which has been played on BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio nan Gàidheal, BBC Radio Shropshire and BBC Radio Lincolnshire, to name a few.

January also saw award-winning Scottish singer songwriter Elaine Lennon release a remixed single to mark the one-year anniversary of her acclaimed self-titled debut album. THIS – The ‘21 Remix is a captivating reworking of a track taken from the album which launched to a sold-out show at Celtic Connections in January 2020 and won Celtic Music Radio’s Album of the Year 2020 Award. We’re grateful to BBC Radio Scotland’s Roddy Hart show for giving the track its debut airplay.

We’re also excited to be working with Scottish singer songwriter Jack Badcock on the first single from his five-track EP The Driftwood Project and up and coming folk act Euan McLaughlin’s new single Grace’s and have some more new releases coming your way very soon!

Looking to the future

It’s been wonderful to get the year off to such a promising start after what was a difficult 2020 – and this is just the beginning! We’re got some amazing things planned for 2021 so watch this space.

Thanks to all of our clients and our colleagues in the media whose support make our jobs possible.

Sending hope,

Corrie and Hannah x

Joining Forces

We’re really excited to be formally joining forces as Innes and Campbell Communications!

We first met working on Festival 2018 – the cultural arm of the Glasgow 2018 European Championships and have been working together promoting events, festivals, new music releases, tours and lots more since February 2019.

From our first day working together we knew we made a great team, and now we’ve made it official! At what is such a difficult time for so many industries, we believe the power of clear, impactful communication has never been greater.

We can’t wait to work with existing and new clients to help them keep communicating with customers and fans.

You can find out more about our services here.

Take care,

Hannah and Corrie x